I am proud of that Enmos has gained the power to be able to reach my goal, which it was my well planned dream 12 years ago, today Enmos become well known both in Turkey and worldwide at dyeing automation sector.

In order to make this unique plan, I based on the principles that includes manufacturing power, innovative and manageability. My main duty is adopting my vision to my employees. While I was making that plan, I interiorize the world models according to my perspective and adjusted them to my company. My purpose is establishing my company dynamic, up-to date, innovative, solution oriented and sustainable.

I would like express that, instead of only selling our products, we are selling solutions for our client’s problems. The major mission of Enmos based on inventing solutions as empathizing with costumers. While this solutions were inventing, supports are not taken only from production department but also from R&D and technical departments.

It was an enthusiastic factor for me to create new products with my intelligence. Enmos’ dyeing automation systems work as an entire framework by connecting with each other.

Our product range has been expended from past to today. In 2004 our purpose was to create modest and dynamic product model. We designed and invented goods which are able to work with every machines in dyeing automation sector. In 2008 we realized that costumers weren’t satisfied with only proper working dyeing machines. In that point our mechatronic systems turned into the solution of that massive issue. In 2012 to contribute our systems with business mind and MES, ERP and that sort of software which receive data from production unit programs and that innovation facilitated to our clients on account of making more profit in the competition market. This innovative process last until the end of 2016.

Our goals in 2017;

We are glad to be partners with our clients in order to invent together %100 operational solutions.

  • Extending our marketing area with same quality and customer satisfaction.
  • To be able to adopt industry 4.0’s software alterations.
  • Offering the best prices, in spite of the fluctuating financial rates.
  • Accelerate our manufacturing process, despite of expanding sales potential.
  • Responding currently on after sales technical service as it was in the past.

We are glad to be partners with our clients in order to invent together %100 operational solutions.